10 Things Website Owners Are Doing to Save The Day

10 Things Website Owners Are Doing to Save The Day

The fun and busy holiday season is fast approaching once again which, if you’re like me, brings all manner of memory snippets 😀

I’m reminded of the classic Andy Kaufman performance from Saturday Night Live in which Andy lip-syncs to the Mighty Mouse theme song – it’s both funny and bizarre!

Mighty Mouse: Here I Come to Save the Day!

Let’s Save the Day!

If you don’t have the time or resources for a full-blown website redesign before the holidays, here are 10 CRUCIAL things you can review, tweak, or implement that can save the day. (See video below!)

  • Make sure that all content and pages are well optimized for the search engines (SEO)
  • Review your Calls-to-Action (CTA) on your landing pages  (are they working?)
  • Add high-quality content (update your website!)
  • Test your website to see if it’s mobile-friendly, responsive (people are using their phones mostly)
  • Add videos such as case studies, testimonials, instructional, or company highlights
  • Make sure your website content additions, updates, and menu organization is quick and easy
  • Check to see that your website visitor activity is being tracked
  • Make sure marketing leads are being captured (is your opt-in email form working?)
  • Have measurement tools in place for content engagement and marketing performance
  • Add social media sharing and follow engagement tools

Andrew Geoffrey “Andy” Kaufman (January 17, 1949 – May 16, 1984) was an American entertainer who made several appearances during the early years of Saturday Night Live.

Is your Florida small business website missing some of these critical components? Never fear, let’s “get the situation in hand” –  get in touch and we can help you save the day!

Stacy Layman, Owner/Director, Bright Green Path Web Solutions
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