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Email Marketing and Event Campaigns

Email marketing is still the most effective and affordable way to get your message out to your valued Florida customers, clients, or members. You can build strong connections with your audience that lead to referrals, repeat business and loyalty.

You can launch an email campaign to request donations, promote a new product or service, send periodic newsletters, notify your clients about new content, send out a survey, or just to say "Hello" and share what's new.

With all the myriad ways of connecting and reaching out, the best way to build your fan base is still the old way – email marketing.

Our budget friendly Email marketing campaign services include:

  • Subscribe to newsletter sign-up form on your Website
  • The design of the email template
  • High-quality images optimized for fast loading
  • Automated email scheduling
  • Reporting and tracking
  • Email list importing / exporting

Email Marketing and Event Campaigns