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Boo! How to “Out-Troll” the Trolls

Boo! How to "Out-Troll" Scary Social Media Trolls

Trolls are lurking around every corner of the social media internet, within video comments, forums, blog comments, and social media sites. So, it’s good to know that Google, Twitter, and Facebook are experimenting with new ways to filter out or label negative or misleading discourse.

For example, Alphabet employs a little-known group called Jigsaw, with a mandate to create tech to combat terrorist recruitment, misinformation and hate speech on social media and beyond.

If you’re feeling feisty this Halloween, follow these handy tips in the infographic below from Single Grain – and you’ll soon be able to handle the trolls with ease.

The mantra about “don’t feed the trolls” as the best way to respond to online abuse has only made it worse. “Don’t feed the trolls” also ignores an obvious method for addressing online abuse: skilled moderation and the willingness to kick people off platforms for violating rules about abuse. – The Verge

 Five different types of trolls:

  • Commenting troll
  • The fake profile
  • Changing the world troll
  • The self-proclaimed connoisseur
  • The hater

How To Out-Troll a Troll Infographic


The mantra about "don't feed the trolls" as the best way to respond to online abuse has only made it worse.

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