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Making Your B2B Expertise Easier to Find

“Yay! I wrote my first blog article!”

Woohoo! Brand spanking-new blog website and you’ve written your first article. Way to go!

Writing your first blog article – full of passion about your services and expert information – is an awesome first step to being found in the search engines. Blogging is one of the key ways to drive traffic to your website and attract new prospects by providing the information they are looking for. Companies that blog and offer other valuable content have far better marketing results, so…

Keep That Momentum Going!

Making your B2B Expertise Easier to Find

As B2B marketers, it can be very challenging to find the time or resources needed to engage with our audiences through social media outlets, but a small investment in time and attitude can bring great results, try:

  • Investing in a small daily time commitment to connect and share information on social media
  • Build your expert content based on your passion
  • Always try to “pay it forward” by helping others
  • Remember to have fun with social media and your authenticity will shine!
  • Still no time? Strongly consider hiring a social media expert.
  • TIP: LinkedIn offers a great opportunity to tap into B2B marketing and is a good place to start.

Sparking Interest in your Services

How can you spark prospects’ interest in your services as they are researching online? Leads are usually a company’s livelihood for B2B businesses. Offering expert content and having a good internet marketing strategy is how they will discover your expertise.

Expert content can include:

Once your website is found, you can stay engaged and nurture your visitors along by offering premium content, special offers, free downloadable eBooks, or complimentary telephone consultations. Adding a specific landing page with a quick contact form is crucial for capturing lead contact information in exchange for these benefits.