Sassy WordPress 4.7 Arrives in Time for the Holidays!

WordPress 4.7, named “Vaughan” in honor of legendary jazz vocalist Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan, was released today – like an early Christmas present with Holiday Cheers! 🙂

This is a major release and unless you have managed WordPress maintenance services, you will have to manually initiate the update. Be sure to perform a complete backup of your WordPress website and database prior to updating.

New features in WordPress 4.7 help you get your site set up the way you want it.

Here’s a video rundown of the new features:

Presenting Twenty Seventeen, a brand new theme

A brand new default theme brings your site to life with immersive featured images and video headers.

WordPress 4.7 Released with new theme Twenty Seventeen

Twenty Seventeen focuses on business sites and features a customizable front page with multiple sections. Personalize it with widgets, navigation, social menus, a logo, custom colors, and more. Our default theme for 2017 works great in many languages, on any device, and for a wide range of users.

Your Site, Your Way

WordPress 4.7 adds new features to the customizer to help take you through the initial setup of a theme, with non-destructive live previews of all your changes in one uninterrupted workflow.

Theme Starter Content

To help give you a solid base to build from, individual themes can provide starter content that appears when you go to customize your brand new site. This can range from placing a business information widget in the best location to providing a sample menu with social icon links to a static front page complete with beautiful images. Don’t worry – nothing new will appear on the live site until you’re ready to save and publish your initial theme setup.

Edit Shortcuts

Visible icons appear to show you which parts of your site can be customized while live previewing. Click on a shortcut and get straight to editing. Paired with starter content, getting started with customizing your site is faster than ever.

Video Headers

Sometimes a big atmospheric video as a moving header image is just what you need to showcase your wares; go ahead and try it out with Twenty Seventeen. Need some video inspiration? Try searching for sites with video headers available for download and use.

Smoother Menu Building

Many menus for sites contain links to the pages of your site, but what happens when you don’t have any pages yet? Now you can add new pages while building menus instead of leaving the customizer and abandoning your changes. Once you’ve published your customizations, you’ll have new pages ready for you to fill with content.

Custom CSS with Live Preview

The new live CSS editor makes it easier than ever to add custom CSS to any WordPress website, and users who use child themes purely for minor CSS edits will be able to drop that practice and use this new core feature instead. Sometimes you just need a few visual tweaks to make your site perfect. The live preview allows you to work quickly without page refreshes slowing you down.

PDF Thumbnail Previews

Managing your document collection is easier with WordPress 4.7. Uploading PDFs will generate thumbnail images so you can more easily distinguish between all your documents.

Listen to some Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan music during your installation!

(Be sure to BACKUP your website prior to installing any major update.)

Here’s one of my favorites…

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