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Six Ways a Microsite Makes Sense for your Business

Six Ways a Microsite Makes Sense for your Business

What is a Microsite website?

Microsites consist of just a few pages – sometimes only one. By focusing an idea or product and then limiting the amount of information to one or a few pages, the Microsite creates an easy-to-scan resource providing an uncluttered path to the information visitors are looking for. It can be permanent, or event specific.

Microsites are perfect for quick marketing campaigns, or for when you need a web presence online – fast!

The biggest advantage of Microsites is that they can be built more quickly and for a smaller price tag, but are still scaleable. Microsites and Minisites can even be used as your primary website.

In comparison with other popular alternatives, WordPress can be a cost effective, robust, and expandable platform for creating Microsites. Its content management system, lead generation forms, social media tools, and customer relationship management make it the most preferred platform.

Creating a Microsite makes sense for your business if you want to:

  • Quickly have a targeted new website launched with only one or a few pages
  • Test and highlight a specific product or service
  • Promote a special event
  • Promote seasonal products
  • Setup a new marketing or pay-per-click campaign
  • New customer outreach, contests, or competitions

A Microsite can offer unique experiences for each of these different scenarios and provide a clear message to targeted audiences across the web.

Six Advantages of Microsites:

  1. Uniqueness – Microsites can easily help brand a product or service in a way that is unique from the parent brand while introducing your business to a new audience.
  2. Focused Details – Having a home for the information and details surrounding a product or service makes it easy to clarify your offer.
  3. Clear Calls to Action – A laser focus on an idea or product makes the Microsite the perfect online tool for leading people to a call to action. Your prospective customer can better filter what they need to do more quickly without the distractions of myriad other products or services.
  4. SEO Benefits – Since your Microsite has its own domain name/URL, it’s easier for your visitors to remember. This feature also helps in SEO as the search engines will likely boost your brand’s overall SEO ranking, especially if you add a blog and post relevant, useful content. Of course, linking back to your parent website (if any) can drive additional organic search traffic.
  5. Fast Deployment – Microsites can be deployed quickly making them perfect for events with a short lifetime on the web. Seasonal promotions are another great way to leverage Microsites.
  6. Email Campaign Integration – Leverage your email campaigns by adding a Microsite into your marketing mix. This allows you to more easily track conversions and determine targeting effectiveness.

Consider Microsites if you are looking for an amazingly flexible, seo-friendly marketing tool.

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