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Medical Practice Web Design
Jacksonville, FL

Professionally Designed Medical Websites for Your Practice

Having a highly engaging medical website is an absolute must for growing your medical practice online. 80% of Internet users (59% of US adults) seek online health information before scheduling an appointment.

It's so important your medical website meets the purpose you are investing in – to drive more patients to your practice. This means every visitor should find the information they need, from landing on your site to booking an appointment.

Our experience with designing and developing health care and medical professionals' websites attract patients to your practice!

Professionally Designed Medical Websites for Your Practice

Features include:

Medical Website Design Features
  • Custom Design - We build websites based on your goals and needs. Your design will reflect your brand and specialty. Stand out against all the competition.
  • HIPAA Compliant - All of our healthcare websites are HIPAA compliant to ensure patient private health details are protected.
  • ADA Compliant - We work to improve the patient experience and ensure accessibility to those with visual or auditory limitations.
  • Fast Page Speeds - We help you choose a fast, self-hosted website hosting plan and optimize your websites' fonts, graphics, and images, so your website loads quickly.
  • Patient-Friendly Design - Your website will have all the information patients need to make informed decisions and select you as their ideal provider.
  • Forms - Simple online forms simplify the process of booking an appointment and/or contacting your office.
  • Testimonials - Showing great testimonials and reviews give your website visitors a glimpse at what they can expect from you and creates more trust with a sense of bonding with patients like themselves.
  • FAQs - A helpful FAQs page goes a long way with patients.
    Questions typically include: Payment and billing methods, insurance information, referral policies, special instructions, parking availability, etc.
  • Mobile-Friendly & Responsive - Your website design will seamlessly adjust to different screen sizes, browsers, and devices.
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate - Authenticate your website identity for a secure, encrypted connection. Keep all patient information private and secure.
  • Patient Portal and Online Forms Integration - We work with you to integrate your preferred SAAS patient portal, and/or encrypted patient forms and email to reduce the time patients spend in your waiting room.
  • Blog or Articles Module - Consistent publishing of content relevant to your healthcare specialties demonstrate expertise in your field and keeps visitors engaged. They will be more likely to share your articles on social media. Posting relevant blog articles will also appear in search results, driving more visitors to your site.
  • Marketing, Social Media, and SEO - We optimize your medical websites for search engines and other digital marketing strategies such as email marketing, and social media, to enhance your online visibility.
  • Excellence in customer service - always. Way busy? Optional monthly content posting and technical website maintenance plans are available.
All of our healthcare websites are HIPAA compliant to ensure patient private health details are protected.