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Is your Website a “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) starter site or “Free” business Website? We can redesign your DIY website making it a beautiful, mobile responsive website that’s search engine friendly, and “marketing-ready”. Maybe you decided to take advantage of a “free” or DIY website when you first started your business and are ready to move forward with a custom, professional website.

Often, businesses wait until AFTER their website is designed and launched before approaching a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert. This can lead to expensive site redesigns and/or structural changes that could have been easily incorporated during the design and development process.

The technical  SEO process should begin during the conceptual phase of your website and become increasingly involved as the development process moves forward.

For a brand new website, SEO can help you analyze what competitors are doing to make their site a success. Insights from competitor analyses can give ideas on things to include (and avoid) during your website design. Keyword research helps you determine what your target audience is searching for and help you create a framework for relevant content on your site.

SEO Friendly Web Design

What’s a “search engine friendly” website?

A search engine friendly website means designing a site around rich, relevant content, with no barriers to the search engines, enhanced use of title and description tags, social media sharing, and that meets the diverse needs of your target audience. Search engine friendly means that the site should offer a great User Experience, be properly coded, load fast, and submitted to the major search engines.

Optimization practices change frequently according to specific, ever-changing guidelines. In Google’s case, it should be according to Google’s Guidelines, making the site easy to crawl by all search engines and found to be relevant and popular.

We always make certain your new Website has the best start!

The success of your internet marketing can make or break any business. SEO is a necessary foundation at the onset. Otherwise, you may end up spending extra money to redesign or fix your website’s limitations in the future.

Bright Green Path Web Solutions offers the on-going knowledge and research necessary to create a high-performance, seo-friendly website. Our website design and development will help you rank better in the search engine results. Many web designers ignore SEO during the design process, causing problems for the site with the search engines.

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