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Blogs Among Hottest B2B Marketing Tactics for 2017

Blogs Among Hottest B2B Marketing Tactics for 2017

B2B content marketing is changing all the time with more changes in the past 2 years than there has been in the past 50 years.

“Content marketing is a strategy to create and distribute valuable content to attract and define an audience.” says a study that was done by PulsePoint. For 2017, they predicted content marketing budgets will double. What are some of the most effective trends and tactics?

Micro-moments: A path to purpose

“There is no longer a path to purchase, but a Path to Purpose; buyers’ paths are a constant string of moments intertwined together equaling an experience, fulfilling a buyer’s purpose”Think with Google

Top tactics used by B2B marketers include:

  • Social Media Content 83%
  • Blogs 80%
  • Email Newsletters 77%
  • In-person Events 68%
  • EBooks 65%
  • Video 60%
  • Infographics 58%
  • Webinars and Webcasts 58%

Of these tactics, B2B marketers say that Blogs (52%) will be the most critical to their content marketing success in 2017. Search Engine Marketing is still considered the most effective at accomplishing content marketing objectives, followed closely by social media promotions.

To provide some more perspective on the latest content marketing trends in the B2B sector, Digital Marketing Philippines has put together this new infographic.

Blogs Among Top B2B Marketing Tactics for 2017

And remember: mobile has changed everything! So if you’re looking for ways to ramp-up your B2B marketing in 2017, or thinking of adding blog functionality to your website, send me a quick email.

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