Why Does My Business Need a Website? Isn’t Social Media Enough?

Behind every great business is a great website

We all know that social media is fun and engaging, but should you use it exclusively instead of having a great business website? One of the biggest reasons you should have a great website for your business is to increase your credibility and trust. Without a website, prospects may question your legitimacy as a business. …

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Declining Social Media Usage? Fuel Your SEO

Declining Social Media Usage? Fuel Your SEO!

With social media usage declining, now is a good opportunity to create lasting relationships built on relevant information, which can only be accomplished by creating thoughtful, fresh content on your company’s website and SEO best practices. According to Edison Research and Triton Digital, Facebook usage had been steadily increasing for ten straight years. But this …

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Facebook Can’t be the "be all and end all" of a Marketing Plan

Puppies! Kittens! Babies! FOOD!! ♥☺ We all know that Facebook is fun, and a great tool, but should you use it exclusively for your business website? In most cases, businesses that use a Facebook page as their primary online presence are potentially setting themselves up for disillusionment – or worse. Think about this:  With a …

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Do I need a website or can I get by with just social media pages?

Having social network business profiles and participating is fun and can be great complimentary tools for your business, but should you use them as a substitute for your own business website? Often, new businesses use a Facebook page exclusively as their primary online presence and are potentially losing initial business – new business and clients …

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