Webmaster Email Alerts Signal a Possible New Google Mobile Algorithm

Since Google recently added “mobile-friendly” labels to their mobile search results, it appears that for the first time Google will begin directly emailing an alert to webmasters, sent via Google Webmaster Tools, notifying them of mobility errors. (Have you submitted your website to Google webmaster tools yet?)

search engine consultant, broke the news in an article on Search Engine Journal 1/19/2015 and commented:

What we have here is Google reminding these webmasters their sites are not mobile-friendly and issuing a warning that the pages won’t rank well in mobile search.

There are clear signs that a new mobile ranking algorithm is about to launch at Google. Google told us they are experimenting with it since November.

The full article can be viewed at the Search Engine Land website.

Schwartz shared a copy of the email going to webmasters of non-optimized sites:


Google is sending mass notifications to webmasters who has websites that are not mobile-friendly.

Something big to come? It’s becoming more important than ever to make sure your website is mobile-friendly, not only for a respectable user experience, but to avoid possible Google penalties to come.