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That Website Facelift You’ve Been Meaning to Do for Years

That Website Facelift You've Been Meaning to Do for Years

Let’s be honest here: If you can hardly stand to look at your website, twinge at the site of it, or have second thoughts about sharing your URL, it’s a pretty good bet that your prospects feel the same way. On the internet, first impressions about your business website make a huge difference.

When your website is not able to give your business the results hoped for, is not easily found in the search engines, doesn’t have modern functionality standards, and on top of that is not responsive and mobile-friendly, then it may need a facelift or redesign.

There are many reasons to give your website a facelift or redesign, at minimum every 3-4 years.

Here’s six important questions to ask yourself to find out if your website could use some immediate attention:

Is your website mobile-friendly?

It’s simple. Mobile-friendly websites are better for SEO thanks to Google’s algorithm change last year. And they also make for a much better user experience for the increasing number of people browsing the web on their mobile devices.

Google's New Mobile-Friendly Ranking: Common Website Issues

Still using Flash?

In the “olden days”, Flash was the latest, greatest approach to websites, videos, and navigation elements.

Now, with newer technologies like HTML5 and responsive web design, Flash has been replaced among web design best practices. Is your main menu using Flash, or maybe you have embedded Flash movies in your website? Not everyone will be able to navigate or view them.

Some major corporate websites that still use some Flash content have a fallback for browsers in place for browsers that do not support Flash any longer. For your website to reach the widest audiences possible using modern devices, you’ll want to move away from Flash content and take advantage of newer, modern web technologies.

Can you easily update your content?

If you can’t easily make content updates to your site and need someone to code simple text changes for you, it’s time for a new website framework utilizing the benefits of a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress.

Have your local search results dropped in rankings?

Creating your new website with SEO in mind will ensure that potential customers can find you online.

My website just looks outdated or embarrassing ?

Does your website appear crowded or small on a desktop computer? Are your images and photos very small and so not big enough to share on the social medias? Do they look very blurry? Does your navigation menu disappear on smaller screens? Time to invest in a professional website redesign and keep up with the latest technology and social sharing opportunities!

Time to invest in a professional website redesign and keep up with the latest technology and social sharing opportunities!

Your homepage message is unclear.

The primary goal of most businesses is growth. And growth should lead to changes. Within a couple of years a business might add new services, products, or marketing methodologies – and may now have the capability to handle an online eCommerce storefront or catalog.

A new website can reinforce the commitment of your current customers, and build trust while attracting new customers.

Your website and especially your homepage needs to be designed with purpose. You’ll need to incorporate elements that attract traffic, educate visitors, and invite conversions.

To improve the performance of your homepage, check out the following infographic detailing 12 critical elements every homepage must have. (via Hubspot)

12 Critical Elements Every Homepage Must Have

Ready to bring your old website to a new level? Our custom business websites are mobile and SEO-friendly using the latest web technologies and tools. You can even update them yourself 🙂

Chat LIVE with your questions – or simply use my contact form or email me. I look forward to learning more about you.


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