Using your Website to Provide New Ways to Communicate

Using your Website to Provide New Ways to Communicate

With COVID-19 spreading throughout the globe and impacting small businesses, finding new ways to communicate through your company website – is a winner.

Since states are already taking steps to reduce large gatherings, close schools, and warning against personal physical contact, you could expand your current website or setup a new website that embraces online teleconferencing, telehealth, and/or video conferencing.

Whether you need a simple, one-page website, or want to add eCommerce capabilities to your website, there is probably a way to allow your favorite customers to buy it online and stay in touch by adding LIVE CHAT at the very least.

Maybe your business has an outside sales team that’s been closing deals through in-person meetings and presentations. You can give your team the tools they need to close new deals without being physically present.

Whether you’re a displaced market vendor, stay-at-home small business, or health care consultant – we’re now offering a quick turnaround, very affordable, custom one-page WordPress CMS website, easily expandable in the future, that includes LIVE CHAT and on-site SEO to help small businesses displaced by the Coronavirus.

I’m always online and here to help! So to share your ideas or get more information including affordable pricing, contact me here or Chat Live.

Stacy Layman, Owner/Director, Bright Green Path Web Solutions
Stacy Layman
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